Recruitment Trends

Most departments within an organization have undergone minor to significant changes during the COVID-19 pandemic. The restrictions on travel and employee capacity in office buildings have prompted departments to change work policies temporarily. Organizations have adapted to the conditions based on their financial capabilities and immediate requirements. Subsequently, this pandemic phase has led to structural… Read More »

World Backup Day: The Importance of Data Protection and How to Do It Right!

World Backup Day

Every year on March 31, the world commemorates World Backup Day. This momentous day serves as a reminder to everyone who relies on technology to safeguard all of their valuable digital information. It is a day for the general public to learn about the growing importance of data and the importance of performing regular backups.… Read More »

International Data Privacy Day 2022

Data privacy day

History of Data Privacy Day Data Privacy Day, taking place on Jan. 28, is an international event that raises awareness about the importance of privacy and promotes personal and business data protection practices. Started in the United States and Canada in January 2008, Data Privacy Day is an extension to the celebration of the Data… Read More »

Artificial Intelligence is the New Oxymoronic Technology – True or False?

Oxymoronic Technology

Agadmator, one of the most popular chess channels on Youtube, got suspended in 2020. The reason “AI cybercops of YouTube discovered words ‘Black’ and ‘White’ in their content in the context of ‘Attack’ and issued a suspension on the grounds of racism.” The scenario sounds hilarious that something perceived as smart could be so stupid.… Read More »

Is Hyperautomation Revolutionizing Industries?


Hyperautomation has been named one of the top trends under Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2020 by Gartner. The recognition to this business-driven approach is well deserved for the progress it has enabled globally. But what is hyperautomation? As per Gartner, the core technologies enabling hyperautomation is the RPA augmented by AI and ML. This… Read More »

The Meta Future, A Glimpse of Metaverse And Virtual Economy


Facebook and Meta are two terms that people have recently seen repeatedly on the news. Meta is Mark Zuckerberg’s vision for pursuing the metaverse as the next social platform and has led to the renaming of the brand Facebook as Meta. Meta is a word derived from Greek and is expected to be ‘something beyond’… Read More »

How are Answer Engines Different from Search Engines?

Answer Engines

Netizens have been familiar with the idea of Search Engines since the past decade. A lot has evolved in terms of the internet in these years with major technologies taking the lead in developing access to it. The term ‘Google it’ has therefore become synonymous with any research people do today.  Search Engine Optimization, the… Read More »



Development is a vital part of our lives. Be it on a personal or professional front; development is something that we always tend to chase. The development adds more meaning to life and engages us with a new hope each day. With the prospect of development at hand, we remain focused on our crucial goals… Read More »


Credit Union Day

Credit unions: A gist Over time, credit unions become an integral part of the communities where they exist. Even though credit unions are financial institutions, the working methods and principles are different from traditional banks. They are owned and operated by the credit members themselves. The voting and ownership rights of members do not depend… Read More »