How does Business Intelligence shape the Future of Business?

Business Intelligence

Digital advancements in cloud computing and mobile applications have completely transformed our daily lives. Data-driven tools and tactics are now available to companies, allowing them to understand more about their customers and themselves than ever before. Still, not everyone is making use of them. Businesses can notice internal patterns and improve inefficiencies before it’s too… Read More »

Why is Conversational Analytics the Future of Business Intelligence?


With the emergence of regulations like GDPR and CCPA putting a stranglehold on the use of third-party consumer data sources, it is now more important than ever to have access to actionable first-party data. Being a marketer, you probably still have access to data such as customer purchase history, website, and paid search interactions. Still,… Read More »

Top 13 Open Source Business Intelligence Tools of 2020

Business Intelligence

Governments and policymakers have primarily used Big Data Analytics, AI platforms, Data Visualization tools, and other entities to predict the effects and spread of the coronavirus. Businesses worldwide are also struggling to respond to this global pandemic, where leaders are likely to take rapid decisions about maintaining liquidity and controlling costs to address the ongoing… Read More »

12 Business Intelligence Trends in 2020

BI Trends

Data-driven decision-making has changed how Business Intelligence (BI) is perceived. It is proving to be incredibly useful for businesses, no matter the size. Dependency on data and data functions has increased throughout the organizational structure. News of exciting trends on the horizon is appealing to organizations looking for business transformation. The overall perspective for a… Read More »