7 Ways How Has Cloud Computing Supported the Covid-19 Response?


Currently, the world is suffering from a viral threat of COVID-19. The humans are continuously fighting against it to keep their existence. Interestingly, Cloud computing supported the covid-19 response in many ways, and carved its importance to multiple dimensions. According to the reports, the global pandemic situation of COVID-19 has impacted the cloud computing market immensely. As… Read More »

Cloud Computing Service Model During The Lockdown


Even before the COVID-19 crisis, technology was very much a thriving sector. But, post-COVID-19, there is increased emphasis on digital transformation. And why not? Technology solutions help teams collaborate, streamline processes, and improve productivity. Organizations of every size and type can take advantage of these solutions. They have to find the most suitable ones for… Read More »

13 Reasons Why Cloud Migration Benefits Your Business


Cloud is one of the faster growing trends in the market, the concept appealing to businesses of all sizes. Wider acceptance rate has been noticed across the globe because it is viewed as a practical solution that prevents data storage constraints. Since data has become the essence of decision-making and planning, proper storage and handling… Read More »

Posted in Cloud, EmergTech By Christina Anand   Date March 25, 2020