How is Digital Transformation Accelerating due to Covid-19?

Digital Transformation

Many countries surfaced from the impact of lockdown, and executives experienced dramatic shifts in business operations. To overcome this loss and get back to the new normal of the pandemic, business leaders are discovering operational changes essential for business continuity. The pandemic has proved the value of digital operating models and is likely to speed… Read More »

Wearable Sensors For COVID-19: A Call To Action To Digital Infrastructure For Remote Patient Monitoring And Virtual Assessment

Wearable Sensors

Smartwatches are currently the most common wearables, along with smart wristbands, finger rings, and earbuds. Some of the most popular wearables in the market are Fitbits, Apple Watches, and Garmin watches. These wearable devices collect information about physical activity, body temperature, heart rate, and sleep quality, which they use to help people track their general… Read More »


Digital Transformation

The COVID-19 Impact on Businesses: As companies were preparing to deal with a recession period in the economic cycle, the impact of an unexpected pandemic left many stranded and perplexed. COVID-19 has dealt a profound blow on the global economy and commercial activities. The negative implications have urged businesses to seek suitable solutions and help… Read More »

The Emergence of Digital Experience Platforms (DXP): Exploring The New Frontier of Digital Transformation

Digital Experience Platform

From an industry that’s fond of its acronyms, here’s another added to the list of CMS, ECM, WEM, DMS, EDMS, DI, CSP and now DXP. It’s kind of overwhelming, isn’t it? Well maybe not for the people from the IT industry but certainly for those who are still trying to catch and keep up with… Read More »

10 Key Factors Leading to Success in Digital Transformation in 2020


Digital transformation (DX) has become a norm in 2020, considering many benefits it offers. It includes significant changes in the business model, practices, and processes to meet customer expectations thus creating a benchmark. The impact of a business depends on management, employees, and its transformational plans, along with the readiness of the organization to grasp… Read More »