10 Key Factors Leading to Success in Digital Transformation in 2020


Digital transformation (DX) has become a norm in 2020, considering many benefits it offers. It includes significant changes in the business model, practices, and processes to meet customer expectations thus creating a benchmark. The impact of a business depends on management, employees, and its transformational plans, along with the readiness of the organization to grasp… Read More »

11 Best Digital Collaboration Practices for Any Workplace

Digital Collabration

Today, we work in a dynamic and competitive environment that requires the incorporation of digitally-inclined practices into businesses for optimum productivity and scope for development. The role of technology has changed from being supportive to becoming the leading platform for various business activities.  Embracing digital collaboration practices have become an essential part of workflow management,… Read More »

12 Business Intelligence Trends in 2020

BI Trends

Data-driven decision-making has changed how Business Intelligence (BI) is perceived. It is proving to be incredibly useful for businesses, no matter the size. Dependency on data and data functions has increased throughout the organizational structure. News of exciting trends on the horizon is appealing to organizations looking for business transformation. The overall perspective for a… Read More »