How are Augmented and Virtual Reality Aiding Businesses in Adopting WFH Culture?

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Companies are racing to adapt emerging technologies for the workplace as they begin to find their way in the consumer sector. It’s a good idea for a remote worker to learn about the function of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in new industries. Even if a corporation doesn’t have a well-experienced tech specialist on staff,… Read More »

Global Augmented Reality (AR) And Virtual Reality (VR) Market In 2020

Augmented Reality

The global Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) market is currently generating revenue of around USD 22.1 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach the USD 161 billion-mark by 2025. Learning, training, and scientific visualizations are a few of the most significant Virtual Reality technology applications that help reduce investments and enrich a… Read More »

Increasing Demand for AR and VR Technology to Boost Market Growth During Covid-19

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Imagine yourself sitting relaxed in your room, wearing a Virtual Reality (VR) headset, and walking into a live conference, a concert, or a product launch. From an imagination, it has now become a reality. On 21 July 2020, OnePlus launched its OnePlus Nord Mobile and OnePlus Buds through Augmented Reality (AR), where people all over… Read More »