Is Hyperautomation Revolutionizing Industries?


Hyperautomation has been named one of the top trends under Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2020 by Gartner. The recognition to this business-driven approach is well deserved for the progress it has enabled globally. But what is hyperautomation? As per Gartner, the core technologies enabling hyperautomation is the RPA augmented by AI and ML. This… Read More »

DevOps, DevSecOps, and SRE: What’s the Difference? Choose the One that is Best for you


Over the years, organizations that find it difficult to scale their technology processes and operations have come to rely upon techniques including DevSecOps, DevOps, and SRE across multiple sites. Nevertheless, the task of managing development-related infrastructure and infrastructure upgrades is often very challenging. It requires the use of infrastructure-as-code, or API management for easy installation,… Read More »

Here’s How You Can Celebrate World Backup Day ?


World Backup Day is celebrated worldwide every year on March 31. This important day serves as a reminder to every technology-reliant person to protect all their precious digital documents. World Backup Day is a day for the masses to learn about the ever-increasing role of data and the significance of regular backups. Today’s world is… Read More »

Covid-19: 11 Ways Technology Helped in Pandemic Management

Pandemic Management

COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 is one of its kind, which the world has never seen before, and all the doctors, nurses and medical workers have come up like heroes in capes to deal with the unforeseen events. Though human efforts and sensibility cannot be replaced, technology has played a significant role in supporting COVID-19 pandemic… Read More »

List of Top Companies that are Still Hiring During COVID-19


Since January 2020, Corona outbreak, lockdown, slowdown, layoff and furloughs are the only news that has doomed the entire world. The tyranny of COVID-19 took the global economy on a roller coaster ride, causing anxiety among people and plagued the corporate world with pessimism and fear. I referred to some reports the other day to find… Read More »