6 Ways to Succeed in the Saturated SaaS Market


SaaS is a cloud computing technology that allows users to access vendor cloud-based software. The software or applications need not be saved in the user machine; they can access them through a subscription model, web, and API, used to get the services. Several examples of SaaS are Netflix, Amazon, Uber, and many more. SaaS products… Read More »

Facebook’s New Analytics Feature, and Tool to Track the Omnichannel Insights in 2021


Analytics opens up a large stream of insightful information that can help you track and measure the results of ongoing campaigns, refine your strategy, and improve the return on investment. Facebook has introduced new analytics features, including a tool to track customer journeys through multiple channels. Facebook Analytics allows you to gain a deeper understanding… Read More »

How Can SaaS-Based Applications Impact Your Business?


Software as a Service or SaaS has been helping in ruling the domain of cloud-based utility providers. Having been in vogue for the past few decades today, businesses are pondering the probabilities of reaping a continued benefit from SaaS applications. The endeavors in predicting the impact of SaaS in current times have arisen for obvious… Read More »

The Ever-Growing Role of Technology in Criminal Justice System


Technology, being the gift that it is, has undoubtedly become an integral part of our lives. Today, technology is used in every area of work, and law enforcement is no exception. Among all the realms of the legal field, criminal justice has constantly leveraged the latest technological advancements not only to make their tasks easy… Read More »

12 Reasons to Implement SaaS for Business Applications


The SaaS (Software as a Service) business model has gained enormity worldwide due to its countless benefits for any business. Companies of all sizes are embracing SaaS as the next best alternative to the on-premise hardware and software development. The term SaaS is ubiquitous in the software world. It is becoming a feasible choice for… Read More »

Top 13 Advancements in the Gaming Technology


The gaming industry is among the fast-growing industries in the world which is deeply technology dependent. It is dominated by the smartphone and computer users who spend most of their time playing games. The quick changes in the industry is offering new opportunities and challenges for the publishers and developers to boost productivity in the… Read More »