Recruitment Trends

Most departments within an organization have undergone minor to significant changes during the COVID-19 pandemic. The restrictions on travel and employee capacity in office buildings have prompted departments to change work policies temporarily. Organizations have adapted to the conditions based on their financial capabilities and immediate requirements. Subsequently, this pandemic phase has led to structural… Read More »

Future Enhancements of Online Leave Management System in 2020

Leave Management Software

All global economy forecasts for 2020 made in 2019 was proven wrong due to the unforeseeable, unprecedented outbreak of COVID-19. The economic graph dropped to linearity from the point it was expected to rise further. So, to evolve and re-stabilize again, the only way out is to reboot the entire management system, including HR and… Read More »

Online Leave Management System In 2020

Online Leave Management

Accelerated growth perspectives and global expansion strategies call for internal departments to remain prepared with up-to-date and sophisticated management systems. Amid others, HR functions have become complex due to the increasing scale of businesses and changing regulations. One system that requires optimum handing in today’s business world is leave management. There are multiple ways to… Read More »

Top 15 ways HR Managers Can Increase Employee Productivity in the Workplace


The burden of increasing productivity cannot be carried by employees themselves. Businesses need to provide employees with the tools to improve their performance and tackle everyday workplace concerns, specific or mundane. HR departments are the perfect go-between for employers and employees to raise and resolve productivity issues. Especially with new business formats and strategies, HR… Read More »

Recruitment Software and Tools for 2020

Recruitment Software

Amidst the pessimism of global economic slowdown due to COVID-19 Amazon spurred optimism by announcing the hiring of 100,000 employees globally to support people relying on Amazon’s service in this stressful time. Even if the competitors were planning to hold on a little longer, this stimulant would force them to change their policy. Only the… Read More »

How Applicant Tracking System assist Recruitment

Application Tracking System

The outbreak of coronavirus is engulfing the global business with the fear of a decline in economic activities. Some apprehensive companies have seized hiring until the economic impact of the virus neutralizes. But many other optimistic companies bid to remain undeterred and advocate that Applicant Tracking System as an assistant in recruitment combined with virtual… Read More »

How to access Absence Management Software to Monitor Employee Health and Well-Being

Absent Management

Can an employee life cycle or organization productivity dodge the accountability of absenteeism? Companies do have policies that expect their employees to miss some work each year for legitimate reasons. But unwarranted absences or high rate of absenteeism can lead to a decline in productivity and majorly affect company finances, team morale and other organizational factors. Hence,… Read More »

Best HR Ideas to Prepare in 2020

If someone is dealing with HR nightmares such as talent acquisition, employee retention, unnecessary lawsuits, the contagious negative atmosphere at the workplace, then its time to evaluate and convert some of the best HR  ideas into actionable plans and get the situation under control. With some of the extensive workplace changes, we need the best … Read More »

Top 4 Trends to Most Innovative Corporate HR Departments in 2020

HR Trends

How Corporate HR Departments developed over a period of time… Today, HR departments are no longer restricted to traditional functions. Rather, they are shaping up to be strategic pillars that support the growth plans of an organization. Creative changes through the use of avanced digital concepts have made sure that Human Resources teams are well-equipped… Read More »