How are Answer Engines Different from Search Engines?

Answer Engines

Netizens have been familiar with the idea of Search Engines since the past decade. A lot has evolved in terms of the internet in these years with major technologies taking the lead in developing access to it. The term ‘Google it’ has therefore become synonymous with any research people do today.  Search Engine Optimization, the… Read More »

The Significance OF Podcasts In Today’s World


A podcast seems like a simple enough word, but several opportunities and applications are attached to it. Podcasting has become a trend in markets because of the ease of hosting and listening. From younger to old folk, many have their list of favorite podcasts and hosts. Podcast content has been growing, with hosts and producers… Read More »

WhatsApp Marketing Strategies: A New Way to Reach Out to Your Ideal Customers


The first few names that come to mind when we think of Social Media Marketing and the best channels to engage with our ideal customers are Facebook(2.6 billion monthly active users), Instagram(1 billion monthly active users), and Twitter(300 million monthly active users). Despite the impressive numbers of users on these platforms, some organizations continue to… Read More »



COVID-19 health threats, travel restrictions, and prolonged periods of lockdown have caused severe problems for businesses. Especially for e-commerce businesses that rely heavily on courier services and efficient transportation models, the strain on maintaining financial stability is higher. Organizations without a functioning continuity plan have struggled to cope with the disruption. Revenues have dropped drastically.… Read More »

What has Competitive Benchmarking been like in Times of Covid-19?


The method of comparing a business to its competitor using a set of criteria is known as competitor benchmarking. Benchmarking is used to equate the company’s success to that of its rival over time.  Companies utilise this data to figure out what constitutes “best” practise for specific criteria and then compare it to their own… Read More »

Affiliate Marketing: A Cost-effective Channel for Brands during COVID-19


Affiliate marketing has become a vital inclusion in the marketing strategy for companies. Essentially, affiliate marketing is a process in which brands (or advertisers) use affiliate channels to advertise their products. Affiliates are also referred to as publishers. The affiliates use the brand website, product, service, or promotional links to prompt more clicks from potential… Read More »

The Big Debate In Digital Marketing: Paid Marketing Vs. Organic Marketing


Marketing experts prioritize being prominent at the top of consumer search pages because it yields the highest return on investment. There are two ways to attain maximum visibility on search engines: organic marketing and paid marketing. Well, the answer to the question “which one is better?” is quite simple, “It depends on your marketing goals.”… Read More »

Top 26 Social Media Management Tools For Marketers in 2021

Topics Tool

The social media landscape of businesses is evolving quickly since COVID-19 came into the picture in December 2019. With more and more companies embracing some remote working style, it is no surprise that Smart Insight’s report showed a whopping 43% upsurge in the time people spend on social networks daily. Given that 50% of the… Read More »

What is an Email Signature & Why It’s Important for Sales and Marketing in 2021?

Email Sig

How much importance does an email hold in your business processes? Probably, more than you think. The email has come a long way, having its separate branch of marketing. Despite the fact that email has been around for decades, advertisers and salespeople are continually trying to remain on top of their never-ending inboxes. According to… Read More »