The Differences Between Programmatic and Display Network Advertising You Never Knew About!

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The digital marketing industry is growing by the minute. Every year, the industry comes up with new technologies and methods. Such growth ultimately results in an influx of new and unique tactics and tools at the disposal of advertisers and performance marketers.  This, for the most part, is a good thing, but what happens when… Read More »

Marketing Predictions Based on Mobile Apps Trends 2021


The process of designing marketing strategies to reach your users at any point of the marketing funnel is known as Mobile App Marketing. It’s the process of keeping the app users engaged during their entire experience with it, such as when they first discover it, download it, go through the onboarding process, and remain engaged.… Read More »

How Can Gamers Benefit Your Social Media Audience Strategy?


Since the start of the pandemic, the gaming industry is booming, providing billions of people the source of relaxation and entertainment. The continued lockdowns and social distancing norms have already disrupted people’s lives and mental health. To deal with this dilemma, people are getting more engrossed in fun activities like video games. At the moment,… Read More »

Top 7 Ways to Use Machine Learning in Digital Marketing

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One of the industry’s significant innovations is Artificial Intelligence tools that streamline processes and make businesses more effective. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are two separate entities that complement each other well. While artificial intelligence aims to harness certain aspects of thinking, Machine Learning helps people solve problems efficiently. According to QuanticMind, 97%… Read More »

Omnichannel Trends to Look for in 2021: Future of Retail


Omnichannel Retail The past year brought massive changes to customers’ shopping behavior, and meeting these increased expectations is now a necessity for retail store owners to fulfil. According to a recent study, 41% of customers have shifted to online shopping during the Covid-19 crisis. The pandemic rules also restricted companies from using traditional marketing approaches.… Read More »

Emerging Video Marketing Trends of 2021

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Video is one of the most common marketing techniques, which has lasted for many years since television was invented. With the changing trends and the emergence of technology, video marketing is getting popular among Gen-Z. In this article, we will focus on Emerging Video Marketing trends in 2021. The rise in technology, AI, business analytic and… Read More »

Customer Data Management: How to Collect Customer Data Correctly?

Customer Data

Data is one of the most valuable resources for businesses. The more information you have about your customer’s interests and needs, the better service you can provide. When the Covid-19 outbreak has disrupted lives in today’s situation, it is even more crucial to know your customers in their current state of mind to meet and… Read More »

How to Kick-Start your IGTV strategy for boosting your business in 2021?


Get to know the power of IGTV Every business now and then complains about missing out on establishing themselves on famous video streaming platforms like YouTube. As the ones already established reap the benefits of maintaining a loyal customer base, best promotion for products/services, and most importantly, delivering the content that glorifies the company. Well,… Read More »

Discover the Real Potential of Exit-Intent Pop-ups


If you aren’t able to gather leads from your visitors before they leave your page, or you want to share the last piece of content with them before they bounce on another website to regain attention. Then you are about to find out the solution to this problem. One of the proven solutions to this… Read More »