Top 7 Ways to Use Machine Learning in Digital Marketing

digital Marketing

One of the industry’s significant innovations is Artificial Intelligence tools that streamline processes and make businesses more effective. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are two separate entities that complement each other well. While artificial intelligence aims to harness certain aspects of thinking, Machine Learning helps people solve problems efficiently. According to QuanticMind, 97%… Read More »

Omnichannel Trends to Look for in 2021: Future of Retail

Omnichannel Trends

Omnichannel Retail The past year brought massive changes to customers’ shopping behavior, and meeting these increased expectations is now a necessity for retail store owners to fulfil. According to a recent study, 41% of customers have shifted to online shopping during the Covid-19 crisis. The pandemic rules also restricted companies from using traditional marketing approaches.… Read More »

Emerging Video Marketing Trends of 2021

video Marketing

Video is one of the most common marketing techniques, which has lasted for many years since television was invented. With the changing trends and the emergence of technology, video marketing is getting popular among Gen-Z. In this article, we will focus on Emerging Video Marketing trends in 2021. The rise in technology, AI, business analytic and… Read More »

How to Increase Social Media Engagement during Covid-19?

Social Media

Covid-19! Lockdown! Pandemic! We all are experiencing our social media feed bombarded with these words. Everyone has adapted to the new normal of living, where staying connected with others is as usual as earlier, but the modes have somewhat changed. People worldwide are getting more time from their busy schedules, and they’re spending most of… Read More »

How are Social Media Platforms Addressing COVID-19 Crisis Worldwide?

Social Media Platform

COVID-19 has largely created a diversified, deadly, and long-lasting impact on the lives of the global masses. Our lives have become limited inside the closed doors, with a persistent fear of health threats. In this pandemic, the social media platforms powered by the digitalization of the world are keeping us connected. During this crisis the… Read More »