6 Ways to Succeed in the Saturated SaaS Market


SaaS is a cloud computing technology that allows users to access vendor cloud-based software. The software or applications need not be saved in the user machine; they can access them through a subscription model, web, and API, used to get the services. Several examples of SaaS are Netflix, Amazon, Uber, and many more. SaaS products… Read More »

How to Kick-Start your IGTV strategy for boosting your business in 2021?


Get to know the power of IGTV Every business now and then complains about missing out on establishing themselves on famous video streaming platforms like YouTube. As the ones already established reap the benefits of maintaining a loyal customer base, best promotion for products/services, and most importantly, delivering the content that glorifies the company. Well,… Read More »

How to Reinvent the Customer Experience through IOT and Analytics?

IOT Analytics

As individual technology forms, IoT and Analytics have been thriving. Their capabilities are increasing rapidly, with an assortment of applications for most industries. Among others, IoT has been advantageous for Healthcare, Aerospace, Manufacturing, and Consumer sectors. Analytics has benefited companies in the financial services, business services, e-commerce, and retail industries. Put together, IoT and Analytics… Read More »

Discover the Real Potential of Exit-Intent Pop-ups


If you aren’t able to gather leads from your visitors before they leave your page, or you want to share the last piece of content with them before they bounce on another website to regain attention. Then you are about to find out the solution to this problem. One of the proven solutions to this… Read More »

International Data Privacy Day 2021

Data Security

History of Data Privacy Day Data Privacy Day, taking place on Jan. 28, is an international event that raises awareness about the importance of privacy and promotes personal and business data protection practices. Started in the United States and Canada in January 2008, Data Privacy Day is an extension to the celebration of the Data… Read More »

This Thursday, Why Business Owners Shouldn’t Miss The “Get to Know Your Customers Day”

Customer Day (1)

“Get to Know Your Customers Day” is marked annually on the third Thursday of each quarter, and this quarter it falls on January 21st, 2021. So, if you are the proud owner of a business, be sure to check out these actionable “Get to Know Your Customers Day” ideas! Remember those days when people used… Read More »

Facebook’s New Analytics Feature, and Tool to Track the Omnichannel Insights in 2021


Analytics opens up a large stream of insightful information that can help you track and measure the results of ongoing campaigns, refine your strategy, and improve the return on investment. Facebook has introduced new analytics features, including a tool to track customer journeys through multiple channels. Facebook Analytics allows you to gain a deeper understanding… Read More »

Deliver Better Customer Experience by Using Customer Data Management

Customer Data Management

These days every business organization focuses on improving their customers’ experience, and, for this, technology plays a vital role. Technology helps in delivering products and services to achieve that. From the business point of view, the year 2020 experienced many limitations in resources and workloads because of the Covid-19 pandemic. The one thing that has… Read More »