KONZA and SacValley Medshare Come Together to Deploy Next Generation Analytics Built on Health Information Exchange Data

Health Care

The announcement of a partnership between KONZA and SacValley Medshare augurs well for patient care across the Northern and the North Valley Central Valley of California’s hospitals and providers as they would benefit from the analytics with the use of KONZA Analytics toolkit allowing SacValley Medshare to compile near real time clinical Data. Speaking about… Read More »

Posted in News By TMB Editorial   Date April 3, 2020

General Internet Launches Marketfire for Financial Data Management and Visualization Solution

data visualization

General Internet, a leading name as Big Data specialist and the “networked enterprise” has announced the launch Marketfire.  It is a real-time financial management and reporting solution which is dedicated to the e-merchants in the marketplaces and the companies in the e-commerce sector. The real-time reporting and data visualization capabilities, enable Marketfire to simplify the… Read More »

Posted in News By TMB Editorial   Date April 3, 2020

Ericom Software in a Distribution Partnership with Softprom for Delivering a Remote Browser Isolation Technology in Europe

Remote Browser Isolation Technology

The leader in Zero Trust Browser Isolation and secure Access solutions, Ericom Software collaborates with Softprom that was founded in 1999 with more than 1200 partners in 30 countries to deliver Ericom Shield® Zero Trust Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) to Softprom’s partners throughout the European region. David Canellos, CEO and President of Ericom Software, stated… Read More »

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Block Buddy Declares Partnership with Global Response Management to Introduce the Block Buddy Pro App


Block Buddy has made a recent announcement of collaborating with Global Response Management to provide the Block Buddy Pro mobile app with information on ultrasound-guided peripheral nerve blocks and point of care ultrasound (POCUS) for anesthesia providers. Medics will use this on-the-spot device to provide emergency and trauma services in low-resource and high-risk areas around… Read More »

Posted in News By TMB Editorial   Date April 2, 2020

ATL Communications and Referit Merging to Introduce Proxona, Inc.

ALT Communication

ATL Communications and Referit announced on March 18, 2020, about signing an agreement to merge and jointly form Proxona, Inc. ATL Communications is a leading US-based SaaS provider of neutral toll-free number management, number administration, and local number porting solutions and innovation. It will carry operations, client success, marketing, and sales passion, experience, and fortitude… Read More »

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Derive Systems Appoints John Oechsle As Chief Executive Officer

Derive Systems

Derive Systems, a leading supplier of B2B and B2C automotive technology with credits more than two million on-road device installations, reported that the company’s board of directors has appointed H. John Oechsle as Chief Executive Officer. John, a financial and capital market expert, has established himself as a committed consumer advocate, who is diligent, and… Read More »

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United Way of Frederick County Launching COVID-19Emergency Relief Campaign


United Way of Frederick County is launching the COVID-19 Emergency Relief Campaign in collaboration with a number of distinguished partners of the philanthropic funding community. It will support the non-profit partners who directly help those who are in an adverse situation due to COVID-19. The target of the COVID-19 Emergency Relief Campaign is to raise… Read More »

Eka offers Free COVID-19 Risk Monitoring Application to help Commodity Companies Assess and Mitigate SupplyChain Risk


Eka Software Solutions is one of the best commodity management cloud platforms, declared the launch of COVID-19 Threat Monitoring app. It is a free app designed to help customers and prospective gain timely visibility of supply chain threats to recognize and reduce risk. The app provides comprehensive insights into the impact of COVID-19 by showing… Read More »

Amberoon Introduces Agile Compliance on Digital Banking Platform from DXC Technology

Digital banking

Amberoon Inc., a RegTech AI company, announced the launch of the DXC Technology (NYSE: DXC) Lucre AML for the Celeriti Digital Banking platform. Lucre AML uses Agile Enforcement and Machine Learning to tackle compliance costs, which is one of the major tech issues with BSA/ AML (Bank Secrecy Act and Anti-Money Laundering) software. Thomas Demchak,… Read More »

Posted in News By TMB Editorial   Date April 1, 2020

AutoMotion Launches App-based “Remote Service” Technology

Remote Service

AutoMotion, the pioneer in automotive retail mobile device technology, introduced a new addition to its platform designed to help connect customers in need of service with a quick and safe choice to have a car picked up for the service they need. New AutoMotion technology pairs consumers in need of critical service with pick-up and… Read More »

Posted in News By TMB Editorial   Date March 30, 2020