Unum Health is Bringing their Cutting-Edge Software to the United States

Unum Health

Unum Health Inc., a software firm situated in New Brunswick, Canada, is looking to raise funding through NetCapital by October 11, 2021, to expand its home-care platform to the United States. The target amount is $107,000.  Unum’s software, which has been available in Canada since 2019, digitizes and streamlines home care services by giving caregivers… Read More »

WiseCleaner Upgrades its Wise Memory Optimizer Software


WiseCleaner, a software provider with hundreds of millions of users, has recently upgraded its practical product-Wise Memory Optimizer. The Wise Memory Optimizer v4.1.4 was released on September 6th, 2021. Wise Memory Optimizer v4.1.4 can quickly free up memory, defrag memory, and empty standby memory with a single click. The click optimization method can optimize memory… Read More »

PaystubsNow Announces Launch of Paystub Generator


PaystubsNow, an online resource for people looking for rapid documentation services, has announced the debut of a series of invoice and pay stub generators that will assist customers in getting instant results when requesting official paperwork. The paystub generator is a straightforward and user-friendly design that allows users to select one of six pay stub… Read More »

Unacast is Now Accessible for Bloomberg Data License clients 


Unacast, the leading location data firm, is now accessible to Bloomberg Data License clients through Bloomberg Enterprise Access Point’s alternative data portfolio. Quant funds, insurance companies, and other financial institutions will be able to use Unacast’s data to investigate foot traffic, migration patterns, and new markets. To inform investment and risk models, quantitative analysts often… Read More »

Kingsly Launches a Suite of Actively Managed Digital Asset Investments


Kingsly Capital Management, a digital assets-focused registered investment advisor, announced the launch of a suite of actively managed SMAs (separately managed accounts) based primarily on digital assets and cryptocurrencies. Investors interested in Bitcoin, Ethereum, decentralized finance (DeFi), and blockchain technology and innovation should consider Kingsly’s actively managed digital asset strategies. Digital assets are the center… Read More »

Infoglen Deploys a Robust and Agile In-House Talent Acquisition (TA) Tool Using Salesforce

Sales Force

Infoglen, a Silicon Valley-based advanced Salesforce partner, has revealed the development and deployment of an in-house Talent Acquisition (TA) tool, which ultimately led to a 5x increase in interviews and a 4x boost in onboarding. The TA tool, which Infoglen created to improve the efficiency of its hiring process, has greatly simplified hiring, monitoring, and… Read More »

eMazzanti Share an Article on Benefits of Microsoft Cloud App Security


A recent article on the eMazzanti Technologies website, a top NYC-area Microsoft Partner and cloud services provider, outline the benefits of Microsoft Cloud App Security. When shifting to the cloud, the essay first mentions the problem of balancing data accessibility with data security. The author highlights Microsoft Cloud App Security’s role in providing critical services… Read More »

Trucking Companies Can Now Start Payroll With ezPaycheck Software


The trucking sector has expanded dramatically, and Halfpricesoft.com has responded by developing ezPaycheck to handle payroll in-house for a lower cost. Trucking companies across the United States can now handle payroll for employees, contractors, and drivers in the middle of the year in the following ways: hourly pay, salary, mileage, bonus, commission, tips, and pay-by-load.… Read More »

Martello Technologies Launches Vantage DX™ to Optimize User Experience


Martello Technologies Group, a leading provider of digital enterprise experience monitoring solutions, has announced the release of Vantage DX™, a single-platform DEM suite designed to improve the Microsoft 365 and Teams user experience by allowing users to work from anywhere. Vantage DX’s user experience monitoring and analytics capabilities for Microsoft 365 and Teams are industry-leading,… Read More »

CNH Industrial Joins the 5G Open Innovation Lab as the First Industry Partner

5G Open Innovation

5G Open Innovation Lab (“5G OI Lab”) recently announced that CNH Industrial had joined them as the first industry partner to expedite applied advancement in manufacturing and agriculture quickly. The Lab also welcomed 12 new startups recently that are working on ground-breaking technologies ranging from deep learning for automotive vision to new cybersecurity platforms, artificial intelligence… Read More »