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Yardi®, the property management software leader for real estate clients worldwide, has recently released its innovative chatbot, RENTCafé® Chat IQ. It is developed to equip apartment management companies with the ability to immediately respond to customer inquiries; this chatbot uses a combination of Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing to answer questions unique to each and every company and property. The bot makes use of the information from a property’s database and can also be trained to give custom responses on any given topic. 

According to Vice President of Marketing at Yardi, Esther Bonardi, the COVID-19 crisis has posed major challenges for property managers due to a lack of face-to-face interactions. When property managers are experiencing a monumental shift towards digital communications during these tough times, RENTCafé Chat IQ comes to the rescue. This Chat IQ not only makes sure that properties never miss an incoming leasing opportunity through chat or text, day or night but also frees up onsite staff to focus on high-value interactions with applicants and residents

Chat IQ enhances the customer experience by using information from a property’s database to provide instant, intelligent and accurate responses to chat and text messages, even when a business is closed. The bot allows property staff to have a clear view of accumulated chat information in a dashboard that shows data by channel, average dialogue length and much more. Using this chatbot, leasing agents can also take part in a conversation in real-time. 

The Chat IQ also features conversion rate optimization which guides visitors to view available units, schedule tours as well as apply online. Thanks to this new product, companies can convert more prospects by offering improved services when virtual rental processes become increasingly popular. 

While talking about their latest offering, Patrick Lawler, senior director of RENTCafé development at Yardi stated that RENTCafé Chat IQ leverages natural language processing and machine learning to communicate with rental prospects. He further elaborates that there is no room for communication setbacks with this Chat IQ as it understands grammatical mistakes, misspellings, and abbreviations. 

About Yardi Systems 

Founded in 1982, Yardi provides integrated property management software and investment management solutions for each and every real estate vertical letting owners, managers, investors, and other stakeholders access information specific to their needs. Since its conception, Yardi has set the standard for real estate software solutions with its unique blend of responsiveness and technical innovation. 

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